Program Overview

Who We Are and What we do – FAQ

L2P Drive With Me is designed to create safer drivers. 

We hope to help educate and give confidence to members of the Community through the medium of gaining their Probationary driver’s license. We seek to enable those who may be facing personal, familial, or financial hardship, and are thus unable to achieve this goal many of us take for granted. 

The brainchild of founding members Mark Davis, Maureen Wisdom and Rosslyn Ward, they have over fifty years’ experience helping charities, non-for-profits, and community benefit programs. 

There are six vehicles on the road providing these lessons in the communities that need it most. From Gawler in the north to Port Adelaide in the West. Kilburn in the mid-north and Aldinga in the south.

Fulfilling the needs of the community where a vehicle, licenced driver or both are missing for a learner to get the experience they need. 

What we do

Undertaking driving lessons, or even being able to have a parent sit-in for the hours necessary to gain your license, is something that many of us take for granted. There are many members of the Community who either have no mentor to attend them, no time to practice driving, or no reliable vehicle to complete their hours. These issues come from a myriad of circumstances, however at the end of the day the requirements for a Probationary license are resolute. 

This is where we come in. We provide the mentors and vehicles for any student willing to commit to the hours necessary, a twenty hour course performed over ten lessons. This covers the basics of driving to those with only the minimum hours, all the way to night driving for the more experienced participants. 

The participants can select their own mentor from a list of volunteers, ensuring that no learner ever has to feel uncomfortable with their surroundings. Our goal is to ensure our learners feel confident with their driving skills, something that can only be achieved in a safe environment. 

Additionally, we are seeking to provide education on the vehicles themselves, basic maintenance such as checking the engine or changing a tyre. All of this is to ensure that when our learners go for their Probationary test, they not only know how to drive a car but feel confident and in control behind the wheel. 

FAQ – What we don’t do

  1. We are not driving instructors. Our mentors provide support as volunteers and log the hours driven.
  2. You need a minimum of one official driving lesson with an instructor or 10 hours supervised mentoring before we will have you in our cars for safety for all parties.
  3. We are unable to sign off on the competencies in the back of the log book.
  4. We can attend your probationary licence test with you in our vehicle.
  5. Sessions are $30 for two hours. Paid in advance through the website here.
  6. You will be contacted by our manager about available times. You cannot book your own times. We have to work around our volunteer mentors. 
  7. Cancellation affects everyone. 24hr minimum to have your session credited back to your account.
  8. Privacy is important. Do not share any personal details with your mentor and you will never be picked up or dropped at your private address.
  9. You will have the option to be a mentor at any time after two years of holding a full licence the relevant police clearances.


Our most important role by far is instilling confidence in our drivers. 

We make sure that they are not left behind in learning a crucial life skill, one that enables them to move forward into the world on equal footing regardless of their background. 
We hope that with our program’s success, we will increase not only the confidence but the employability of our learners. As we run more participants through the course, we hope to expand our productions across South Australia and eventually across the entire country.


Click on menu above to book your first session  – Drive With Me – or text our manager Jacki on 0405 034 305.